Sudoku 10'000 Free Varies with device

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World-class Sudoku with 10'000 puzzles in eight difficulty levels

Sudoku with 10000 puzzles in eight difficulty levels for beginners and expert players.

(1) Game Play

* Six input methods (digit first, cell first, mixed, Andoku cell first, Andoku digit first, popup)
* Pencil marks with auto set or auto erase
* Persistent undo/redo
* Auto save
* Bookmarks
* Highlighting of selected digits and pencil marks
* Highlighting of completed digits
* Highlighting of incorrect digits
* Coloring mode (cells and pencil marks) to support coloring solving techniques
* Very advanced hint functionality
* Analysis functionality to rate the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle and to get a detailed list of required solving techniques
* OpenFeint integration with global leaderboards for each difficulty level and achievements to earn Feint points
* Game statistics: fastest, average, slowest times for each difficulty level
* Extremely configurable

(2) Additional Features

* Sudoku Editor: create your own Sudoku puzzle from scratch
* Sudoku Importer: import Sudoku puzzles in four different formats: *.sdk, *.sdm, *.opensudoku, *.1gsudoku
* Sudoku Generator: generate new Sudoku puzzles in eight difficulty levels
* Sudoku Solver: solve any Sudoku in milliseconds
* Sudoku Manager: create, delete, rename folders, create, copy, move, delete Sudokus, filter Sudokus according to their game status and more...

(3) Supports

* Portrait and landspace mode
* All screen types and sizes
* Touch screen, keyboard and trackball
* Installation on external storage (e.g. sdcard)
* Android 1.6-3.1

(4) Hint Functionality

* Full House
* Hidden Single, Pair, Triple & Quad
* Naked Single, Pair, Triple & Quad
* Locked Candidates (Pointing + Claiming)
* Locked Pair & Triple
* X-Wing
* Swordfish
* Jellyfish
* XY- and XYZ-Wing
* Uniqueness Test type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
* BUG+1, BUG+2, BUG+3 and BUG+4
* Aligned Pair Exclusion
* Aligned Triple Exclusion
* Bidirectional Cycles
* Forcing X-Chains (Turbot Fish)
* Forcing XY-Chains
* Nishio Forcing Chains
* Double Forcing Chains
* Contradiction Forcing Chains
* Region Forcing Chains
* Cell Forcing Chains

(5) Permissions

* Network Communication / Full Internet Access: import functionality and OpenFeint (global leaderboard, achievements)
* Network Communication / View Network State: OpenFeint
* Storage: OpenFeint offline mode
* Control Vibrator: haptic feedback

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